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All Buttered Scottish Shortbread
These are nice shortbread biscuits, quite buttery and delicious  ..
Ex Tax: ₦425.00
Ambassador Butter 200gr
Ambassador French Unsalted Butter   ..
₦525.00 ₦450.00
Ex Tax: ₦450.00
Bridel Butter  200gr
Bridel butter is a product faithful to tradition and of impeccable quality. Its taste is flavoursome..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Bridel Cooking Cream 1L
Bridel UHT cream 18% fat is ideal for thickening, reducing and cooking. For successful hot and cold ..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Bridel processed cheese 120gr
Bridel processed cheese 120gr ..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Golden Phoenix Chicken Franks 340g
Golden Phoenix Chicken Franks 340g  ..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Golden Phoenix Fish Fillet 1kg
Golden Phoenix Fish Fillet 1kg ..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Golden Phoenix French fries 1kg
Golden Phoenix French fries 1kg ..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Golden Phoenix French Fries 2.5kg
The Online Supermarket It is perfect for consumption at anytime of the day and can be enjoy..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Golden Phoenix Seasoned Wedges  2.5kg
Crispy and seasoned, the wedges offer a fast and practical food experience, with unforgettable taste..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Grana Padano 200G
Grana Padano medium fat hard Italian cheese made from unpasteurised milk. Delicately fruity with a ..
Ex Tax: ₦0.00
Lactel 1L Bottle Milk
Lactel bottled whole milk is intended for all the family. Its bottle makes its use more practic..
Ex Tax: ₦350.00
Lactel Powder Milk 900gr
Lactel Powder Milk 900gr ..
Ex Tax: ₦2,300.00
Lactel Yogort 125gr
Lactel fruity yoghurt 125gr ..
Ex Tax: ₦100.00